Rental Conditions


  • Older than 25 years
  • Current ID Document
  • Current Driver License
  • Credit Card valid with an one Rent requirements wish give you the opportunity to do the rant of all our cars.
  • $500 warranty deposit.
  • Accept the tems and conditions on the agreement
  • Additional driver with no cost


  • The reservation guarantee you to maintain the original rate, in the contrary it can change without advise.
  • We give you 60 minutes of grace if you don’t deliver the car at the time indicated, after that time you must pay an additional rent day.


  • Inform directly to AAA RENT A CAR COSTA RICA  if you have accidents to receive the correct instructions.
  • Inform direct to local road police.
  • Do after the accident a legal complaint, ethyl dosage and damage survey that not been shown.


  • Drunk
  • Speeding
  • Drive without the car documentation and driver license
  • Accident against stand objects
  • Violation to the contract or any other violation to the traffic rules or national laws